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I bound off my Thin Ice Shawl last night. I ended up knitting only 230 rows instead of the 270 total in the pattern  as I was running short of yarn. As I was coming down the homestretch I kept weighing my remaining yarn so I could try to estimate how many more rows I could knit. Here is how much yarn I had left:

Leftover102711 240x160 The Skin of My Teeth

I either am terribly clever or very lucky. And I think I know which one. icon wink The Skin of My Teeth

Here is the unblocked shawl:

ThinIce102711 240x160 The Skin of My Teeth

It looks plenty big to me, so I am happy with it the way it is. I plan to block this weekend.

I’m not sure why my yarn ran short. I had 800 yards of Tempted Good Grrl yarn which is what the original was knit from, and I was knitting to gauge. Go figure. It’s one of those knitting mysteries.

For the past couple of nights I’ve not knit on Trillian because I was enthusiastic about finishing Thin Ice. But I have been working on the second giant sock. I am in mid-heel-turn:

SIP102711 240x160 The Skin of My Teeth

My multi-project experiment is a success, I think. I have been managing to juggle three projects without making myself nuts. So I think I will add a new third project to the rotation:

Denim102711 240x160 The Skin of My Teeth

This is Rowan Denim in the “Tennessee” colorway. And I am planning to knit something I’ve loved forever: Alice Starmore’s Filey.

Years ago I knit a Filey-like sweater in 5-ply guernsey yarn and gave it away as a gift (and mildly regretted it). No regrets anymore — I’m always too warm to wear wool. A cotton Filey will be much more useful.

And when I get sick of knitting with cotton, I can switch over to one of my smaller wool projects.

That’s the plan, anyhow.

Lucy sez:

Lucy102711 240x160 The Skin of My Teeth



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