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Multiple Project Report



It’s time I stopped by with a report on my uncharacteristic multiple project state.

Exhibit One:

Sock102311 240x160 Multiple Project Report

This is a huge sock, knit for someone who wears a size 14 shoe. First sock done, second sock to be started for my commute on Monday. I am using Trekking 6-ply is color 1806 — shades of grey. That’s a DK weight sock yarn that is 75% wool, 25% nylon. It has 427 yards per 150-gram ball, so there is enough to make a decent-sized sock. Before I started the first sock, I divided the skein into 2 equal balls, and knit the first sock until I ran out of yarn for maximum length on the leg.

To equally divide a skein, I wind it into a ball in my ball winder and then weight the resulting ball. If it weighs 150 grams, I know I want to end up with 2 75-gram balls (even math-impaired me can figure that one out).

I put the ball on my little scale (I use a digital kitchen scale), pull out the end, and start winding a second ball from it. When the ball on the scale weighs 75 grams, I know I’ve wound off half the yarn and stop there and cut the yarn.

Exhibit Two:

ThinIce102311 240x160 Multiple Project Report

This is my Thin Ice shawl. I have two skeins of Tempted Good Grrl yarn and can tell that I will not have enough to finish the shawl as written. There are 270 rows in the shawl, the last 25 of which are double the stitches of the previous rows. When I had gotten to Row 202, I had about 50 grams of yarn left. So I doubled my stitches shortly after that row and dropped down to Row 245 in the instructions and will knit until I run out of yarn, making sure to switch to the edging pattern when it looks like I’ll have just about enough yarn left to make a decent-sized edging. I think it’s going to look just fine.

Exhibit Three:

Trillian102311 240x160 Multiple Project Report

This is my Trillian. I have about 110 stitches on the needles right now, so figure it to be about half done. I have more than half of my ball of Wollmeise left, so I’m on target.

Exhibit Four:

Lucy102311 240x160 Multiple Project Report

“To nap or not to nap?”

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