October 30th, 2011




Yesterday was a strange day. Rain in October? Yes. Snow in October? Freaky! WE did not get enough snow to accumulate on the ground, but it was fun to see it snowing. Most of the day it looked like this:

Rain103011 240x160 Stormy

Wet, windy, and cold. A perfect day to stay inside and knit. So I did.

WIP103011 240x160 Stormy

This is the start of Alice Starmore’s “Filey,” from Fishermen’s Knits. As you can see, I made good my threat to start it. So far so good. The pattern is a 12-row repeat that is easily memorizable. I am using Rowan Denim in the “Tennessee” colorway. A bonus of using one of the lighter Denim shades? Not as much dye rubs off on your hands as the darker shades.

Knitting with DK-weight cotton is not the most enjoyable of pastimes, but this is not too bad. It is fairly comfortable to knit and I find I can work with it for fairly long stretches of time without tiring. The results look a little sloppy, but once the sweater is washed and shrunk, the stitches will tighten up and smooth out nicely.

WIPCloseup103011 240x160 Stormy

Giveaway Results

Congratulations to Joan in Wisconsin who has won the drawing for my copy of the Knit Simple Knitting Workshops book. Come back on Tuesday for another great book giveaway.

ETA: Joan in Wisconsin, my email to you bounced back — please use the “Contact Me” tab to send me your snail mail addy. Thanks!


Lucy103011 240x160 Stormy

“The Keeper of the Works in Progress.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Thin Ice shawl to block!

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